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June May
Behavior Expectations

Behavior Expectations

Wood Elementary School Behavior Expectations   

  Classroom Hallway Cafeteria Playground Restroom



• use a quiet voice

• be aware and keep personal space

• use whole body listening when others are speaking

• raise hand when wanting to speak

• use a quiet voice

• keep hands, feet, and belongings to yourself

• always walk

• be courteous and kind

• listen and follow adult directions

• use a quiet voice

• use appropriate language

• use good table manners

• use kind words

• follow rules of the game

• use appropriate language

• include everyone

• keep appropriate personal space

• flush toilet, wash hands with soap and water

• keep the restroom clean

• return to class quickly and quietly

• respect others’ privacy



• be on time and ready to learn

• follow directions

• work quietly, ignore distractions and stay on task

• take care of personal materials

• stay at school the whole day

• always walk on the concrete

• use a direct path to your destination

• keep belongings against the wall

• use the hallway only at appropriate times

• stay at your chosen or assigned seat

• eat your own food

• clean up after yourself

• be responsible for personal belongings

• stop and drop at the bell

• use and return equipment appropriately

• listen and follow directions from adults

• use the restroom during recess and lunch

• use quiet voices

• stay in your own stall

• keep yourself and others dry



• keep a safe learning environment

• use tools appropriately

• leave the room only with permission

• attend to signals and announcements

• face forward when walking

• always walk and stop at corners

• stay with a partner

• always walk on the concrete

• walk in single file

• walk to and from the cafe

with an adult

• stay seated unless excused

• keep appropriate personal space while waiting in line and while inside the cafe

• play in appropriate designated areas

• walk on playground unless participating in an activity

• keep appropriate personal space

• use restroom after appropriately asking an adult

• stay with a partner

• keep the restroom clean

• take care of personal needs without excessive noise

• keep hands and feet to yourself